War Preparation Mode

We just entered a war that raised some questions.

After matching was done, & now entered into preparation mode. Several of the opponents team members left the alliance one after another until only 5 players were left.

Then, just before the war started, the rest of them re-joined the alliance (*not sure if same players or not) and the war started with 13 players instead of the 5 that remained in the fırst place that didn’t leave. .

Shouldn’t these players that left the alliance, then returned just before start of the war, have gone into spectator mode?

They are ridiculously overpowered aswell.

Nope, if they were there for the initial matching and left to return prior to war starting they are good.


Thanks for that.
So leaving the alliance during preparation mode doesn’t disqualify you from participating in the war. As long as you return before the actual war begins.



That was a change made in a past update

I’m sure @zephyr1 knows a link

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I think you’re probably thinking of when the War Chest participation was changed:

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No I’m not.

There was another change too because we used to get locked out of war if we left during prep

Thanks for your help though, I’ll see what i can find after work

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Hmm, maybe that change came at the same time as the War Chest change, but isn’t mentioned in the release notes.

Otherwise it could be related to this release from September 2018:

I can’t find anything else in the Release Notes or Alliance War Change Log that sounds related.

Hope work goes well!

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Possibly thanks for lookin

Wait It’s possible for work to go well? I must be in the wrong business

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Not getting fired or dying count as a good start.


Lol if i got fired, it would be a good day. Next week would suck

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@zephyr1 some of my alliance mates say that during preparation phase, you can jump out only 1 time. If you are back after 2nd time, you cannot participate in war. Is it true?

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