War Preparation: Leaving and Joining

If a member is on a team before War Preparation begins, then leaves and rejoins before War starts, will they be able to participate?

We’re facing an opponent with one member who shows as having joined their alliance 4 hours ago and his team is in the line up. I’m trying to figure out whether there’s a bug or if this is allowed.

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As long as they were there during the first hour of match making they can leave and then come back and war, or at least so I have been told.

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The thread you linked ended up with the same conclusion by the end as this one, but it’s a bit buried toward the bottom, and that thread originally was made a year ago and necroed 3 weeks ago.

Given all of that, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to let this thread stay on its own with the link to the old one, in hopes the next person with the same question finds your answer easier.


I’m glad this thread was left on this own. This happened to my alliance just now: during war preparation, the opposing alliance only had two members. Then after the war started, a third member was present who had joined just 4 hours before. interesting tactic, certainly surprised me…

can’t complain though, I guess it’s a crafty way to exploit a mechanic. the only effect on our alliance was some small sense of confidence and curiosity going into a war with only 2 opponents vs. 3 of us…

Its not really an exploit, it doesn’t impact anything - except possibly your perception.

that’s what I said at the end. the impact is psychological.

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