War Prep Time Change

I’m assuming everyone’s War prep time started 6 hours earlier today than previous weeks.

While I understand that the prep time length and War start times have been deliberately left unpublished, this is a pretty frustrating change. We had a couple players out mercing and they are locked out of the war. I’m sure this is a pretty common problem for alliances.

It is possible that SG has a good reason for this that is not related to the ongoing efforts to limit mercing. But if not, I wish they would just drop the hammer and just go back to the ‘you cant hit the first titan when you join an alliance’ rule and kill mercing flat out. Or at minimum let us know what to expect.

For those of you who know me on these forums you’ll recognize that this is a rare complaint. I’m generally very understanding of SG’s motivations and give them the benefit of the doubt. This change has me kinda ticked off as it punishes alliance members who are not doing anything other than fighting the good fight.

Coming on the heels of a fairly trying war with multiple critical game affecting bugs requiring hot fix roll-outs, this is especially discouraging.


Yyyyyyup. We have two alliances, with some players switching between the two, who are now locked in and annoyed.

Hopefully it is just a mistake…either way, not a great look.

Agreed. It is reasonable that new members can not participate in aw when preptime starts.
When that is said preptime and aw makes it hard to recruit and fill empty spots during the 48 hours of aw twice a week.
A preptime of 30 hours is terrible in that perspective.

I have to agree here. I can’t see any reason for a 30 hour prep phase. Especially since you can leave your War defense for anyone who isn’t switching Alliances. I really hope we hear something about the reason for this change.

My apologies about the problem. This happened because the new matchmaking logic is more complex, and we wanted to be at the office when the matchmaking starts in case something goes wrong. We plan to go back to the normal schedule for future wars. We will also be sure to communicate changes like this so they won’t come as a surprise.


Thanks @mhalttu.

Communicating the changes would be greatly appreciated.


It would also be appreciated to have a time schedule for aw. Some of us made our own schedules on the usual EST start times for prep and war times, official notes about that is not to be found…

I also didn`t found any information about the times AW starts. For planning reasons, if i should participate or not in AW, it would be nice, to have the information when exactly i should check or not my participation BEFORE it is to late. Can someone help me please?

Check this tab in your alliance menu. Prep is always on tuesdays and fridays. If you dont want to participate then you want to opt out on days prior to those so you dont get counted in the matchmaking and hurt your teams chances of winning the war.

Exactly. Thanks, @Rigs.

This “Matchmaking Starts in:” timer has been added since the original complaint and fully solves the problem (in my opinion.)

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