War Prep - SWEET they are back!

Maybe we’re just too overly excited for wars to come back in my alliance…but based on the last announcement posted, shouldn’t we be in prep mode?


Started 8 minutes ago for us

Just started for us - SWEET

Glad to hear that someone else enjoys war.

I know the match system is flawed and we’ve had our fair share of imbalanced losses.

But I can’t help myself.

Every time I feel like Theoden King of Rohan on the Pelenor fields - A red day! A sword day! DEATH! DEATH DEATH!!


We see opposing team has a healing aid buff this war.
I wonder, does it mean we have same buff?

We got matched with an alliance that has a score of 90k Vs our 60k. Their weakest member is stronger than 85% of our alliance.


Yes, it is the same for both. Meaning both AW defense teams have the same buff.

Are you sure it is the same for both?
In my battlefield it looks only the enemy has it.

(And they have 3000 points over us)

Your enemy sees the same… as if only your alliance had the aid

The devs didnt mention anything about attacking teams getting a buff so…

Yer, you only get the buff defending. But we’re all defending too, you just don’t get to watch!

Ah ok thanks! I was wondering why SG wanted the underdog clan to lose so bad.

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