War prep starting times


Anyone know which times for midweek and weekend the war prep starts.

This is due to Titan passes and getting members back into the alliance for wars.


It’s random… Starts today but the times are random!!!

It was not random when the wars were introduced. In earlier times, we knew precisely when the prep started. It was very reliable.

But then, that changed. Now, I am never quite sure.

Can you please give us the information, in UTC?

War prep started and I was out … this is seriously screwed up!!!

@Petri @Sara

If we are doing any kicking of players from our alliance we make sure it’s shortly after the war is finished. There is no way of knowing when the match up will begin and we don’t want them counted against us.

Should have thought about that before kicking members in order to win.
Great way of advertising what great alliance you have :slight_smile:

For clarification. I’m referring to members that we’d been keeping an eye on for inactivity. We would discuss whether to carry a 7 day inactive player into war with us, and if we did and they didn’t fight, right after the war is over we would kick them so they wouldn’t count against us. We would NEVER kick a member as part of some winning strategy.


Sorry, my post was not directed to you.

No problem. In re-reading my post I still see that I should have written it better the first time.

You have 24 hours to prep your team…
I guess you will be online within this timeframe?

You have to be in an alliance when prepphase starts. I think thats his problem


Who are you directing it at?

Hm… today, the prep time started at 11.30 a.m. CEST, which makes it 09.30 a.m. UTC.

worldtimezone.com is lovely if you wish to compare times.

  • CEST is Central European Summer Time

Best just write it down.
So, mid-week prep time starts at 09.30 a.m. UTC