War prep bug

In my alts alliance, we have a level 5 player with a spot to set up a defense team. I haven’t gotten a hold of them to confirm if they actually can or not, but I velieve you’re supposed to be levl 7 nefore war os available.

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@Talisax can you send a support request using your alt account? So we’ll get all the information on this.


In a training alliance I help with, only lv12 were sllowed, but all 12 members under lv 12 had that blank defense team, @Petri

Will do
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This persists. I am not sure yet if they can participate, but they are on the battlefield. I will try to get them to speak up

Apparently this is by design:

Continuing the discussion from 1.10.3/1.10.4 Update & Alliance Wars Status (16 Mar):

Which is an interesting way of handling it. It allows low level players to set a defense team if they are interested in war, that their alliance fellows can give advice on, or leave empty if they want to skip war.

Then if they level before the actual start of war, they don’t have to race to the prep screen and hope they can set a defense team before the clock ticks over and locks them out of the current war.


Thanks, I missed that

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