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I have been notching that the point totals do not always matchup with what’s given. Example would be a player worth day 32 points with an additional kill bonus of 32 points… however if that team is killed using 2 flags the point total given is 65 points and not 64… I’ve noticed this in the last 2 wars and was wondering if anyone else has noticed this as well. In a lopsided war it really doesn’t make a huge impact but with a close war it can be a big deal.

There’s actually a few threads that mention this. I think it’s mainly lost in the ‘Oh my goodness! Alliance Wars are horrible!’ Threads, but it’s in there :grin:

The basic answer is these anomalies in points you see are due to rounding calculations. It’s well-known and a little frustrating. I haven’t seen anything that states this will be adjusted anytime soon, but it is a known thing.

Anyone else have more info for @JMC?

Thank you Suzanne!

I’ll check out those threads as well. :relaxed:

I enjoy the alliance wars. It’s usually a very fun and active time for our group. Just noticed the anomaly recently during a very close war. Our opponent hit someone that with shown points would have tied up the score. They used 2 flags to take that member out and ended up going up by 1 with minutes left to go. It was frustrating but also can be seen as another challenge in wars! :grin:

I feel your pain! We lost by 2 points in the final minutes a couple weeks ago. It was very frustrating but at least we seem to be getting better matches recently.

We also have a great alliance that loves Wars. Maybe we’ll meet in the battlefield one day :grinning:

Happy reading!

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