War points to real value of team

On last war the enemy ally had one team with 1,3 k team power and when this player used the 3 first flags killed 3 teams of ours one of them 2,9k team power.

Well on new war announced I checked the enemies ally and found 3 high lvl with low lvl team power teams

With this trick they give less points to the enemy and they can gain more because they have multiple teams . I think this is not fair …

I understand your frustration but those missing points from that team gets added to other teams in that alliance, so points wise as an alliance, it still balances it out. But he also is doing you a favour for those weaker teams in your alliance to be able to get more points.

All is fair in love and war… That is strategy, but I’m not sure it’s a good one. His defense team will be easy target, killed multiple times, generating probably more points for the enemy than a solid defense that would only be killed once.

Also, you’re looking at their raid defense teams, and they’re obviously dropping cups. They probably won’t use those teams on their war defenses. There’s no benefit to it

Ratarina was giving 37 points how is that in our benefit ? 37 easy points but not 60-70 for her true team power and she got with 3 flags 53+47+63 points, not the points a normal 1,3k team power player would get .

If u call this just tactic, thanks for letting me know, I will apply it too.

Because they didn’t put their strongest heroes on their war defense to make them worth 60-70 points.

So you can take down that team worth 37 multiple times compared to if it was as strong as 60-70 points. Also helps your weaker players to contribute better and saving the stronger teams for the harder opponents.

I myself asked the same question once, and it was very well answered here:

Actually it is a good thing for you. Alliance points are fixed, using a weak team for defense just give those missing points to teammates.

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