War points one Rival?

What happens if the war doesn’t find an opponent? Will I get any points?

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Do you mean if you don’t get matched with an opponent at all? As in, nothing on the war field? I’ve never heard of that happening.

If you mean that there is only one opponent left before a flip and one of your teammates is attacking them (so you can’t), just wait and then attack after field is flipped or your teammate is done with their attack.

Haven’t seen, that you don’t match with an opponent, so not really sure what would happen.

What I have seen is, that you find an opponent, they leave their alliance and you face no enemy team. That results in a win for you, although you can’t attack. At least it was so a while ago.

I mean if there was an odd number of alliances getting war matched each time there would by definition always be someone not with an opponent. Given the chances for odd/even is 50% it would be fairly often.

I suspect the team that gets the odd one out is a dead team with people still opted in.

Often meaning one alliance doesn’t get matched out of all alliances in the game…

I’m guessing that it trickles down and it ends up being a 1-3 person alliance that wouldn’t get matched. We see lots of reports of unbalanced matching where number of opponents doesn’t match, meaning it’s 15 vs 17 or the like. So it keeps matching down until a very small alliance is left unmatched. I wonder if an SGG dev then acts as the opponent so that all are matched… :thinking:

Maybe sg has a filler alliance. One that is made up of their alt accounts? Or bots? And they send the bots in fto balance the odd number of teams that have joined?

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I’ve wondered/assumed the same. I’m guessing they have filler alliances that seem close in matchmaking but they do something the make the performance subpar so it’s not a detriment to us.

Conspiracy theory: or they’re the alliance that constantly rips our bums!! Haha…

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