War points changing throughout war

What would be good is if they gave us 6 teams - we have 6 battles in war, so surely it would make sense to have 6 teams?!? I think it’s a no brainer myself :disappointed: instead, we’re left with 5 teams and a mathematical sum to add the power up of the 5 next strongest heroes in the list :man_facepalming:t2:

Any healing during the second attack is negated after the attack ends. Any gains in health are reset to the health they had at the beginning of the attack, and any resurrected heroes are dead again.

Oh, that’s kind of a bummer…but makes sense I guess. What if you have a team down to two (Alberich and let’s say Sonya). If an attacker takes out Alberich and Sonya but fails to kill a hero that was resurrected then what happens? Do they get the win at that point? Doesn’t seem right if so.

I Totally agree with you but all other players 1shot killed point remained the same. Except him has +2 pts.

That’s why I don’t understand… I know the war score of 1500/total heroes HP on the field.

I believe the Sonya will remain last hero in the war field as last standing hero.

From your theory, I got a question about the resurrection too.

What if Alby is the last hero, during the match he resurrected 2 whole team but you killed Alby during the match? What will happen at the end?

The war score is approximately 1500 total. It is rarely exact due to rounding. Or it would be exact if the individual player points included decimals.

It may be that he leveled up which raised his score 2 points but overall lowered everyone else by 0.1 points or not enough to round down by one. So overall total went up from 1500 to 1502.

It has been noted the total has been seen as high as 1532.

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Yep, there’s definitely some funny things going on with rounding. It’s possible to raise or lower an alliance’s overall point value by adding HP to a hero (emblem, troop, leveling).

If thats the case, it sounds like leveling troops or adding emblems mid war could be a bad idea.

It depends.

  • First, we’re only talking about the defense heroes here.
  • Second, leveling/embleming strengthens the defensive team, so even if there’s a change in the points, it may be worth it.
  • Third. leveling troops/adding emblems may have no effect on the point totals at all, or even lower the team’s overall point value.
  • Fourth, by delaying leveling/embleming until after match-making, you may get a slightly easier match.

Yeah, I meant specifically making hP adjustments that could be realized via Emblems or troops.

But good points

If your defense isn’t maxed it would be a good idea to level them up as your opponent is likely leveling their heroes up as well. Kind of a hero level cold war situation. “We must not allow a HP gap”.

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That is the same question I had…Based on what others have said, the attacker would get the win even though he lost the battle. That just seems wrong.

It would make more sense that the dead heroes are no longer available to be resurrected once a new battle is started.

Explain the points seen here.

It would have helped to see the details of the team that you were fighting, which I know is no longer possible. It also would have helped to see the results of the rest of that war.

With that said, what likely happened is that your opponent strengthened his team after the war started, but before you attacked. When the war started, the team was at 100% health, and worth 1500 points. After they were leveled further, their maximum health went up. But the war mechanism doesn’t recognize that immediately, so they stay at the health points they started the war with. When you finally attacked, the team was at 99% of their maximum health, so you did not get full credit for the clear. After the team reset, the new maximum health would have been reflected, and future clears would have been worth the full 1500 points.

@Cvs This is exactly what happened here - so in a sense, leveling up your team during a war is advantageous (of course, there’s the qualifier of putting your best team in defense - if you’re intentionally putting a weaker hero in just to level during the war, you might be hurting yourself in the process of protecting a few points.)

The team point system is unfair… Now, at war i have a 3555 power team, and 191 points, but the opponent alliance have 5 teams with more power (3800-4000+) and less points than my team. I don’t understand how is possible. Example: A team with 4002 power have 186 points, another one with 3838 power have 169 points…And this is the fourth war i notice that…

Team power has 0% influence on how many points a team is worth.

Can you explain more?

It’s all explained earlier in the thread.

Our alliance always gets 1400 something points for a reset.

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