War points changing throughout war

So I noticed in our wars recently we have members who give more points than our opponents do. For example lets say they have 1 member out of 30 who gives 57 points & we have 3 members who give 57 points. How is that fair in resets? Another thing. An opponent first had given us 48 points & then the rest of the war was only giving 47. I keep track of points of our opponents so this didn’t make sense to me & it’s not the first time it happens…

There are 1500 points divided up amongst your team’s and 1500 divided amongst your opponents. So there are an equal number of points available to each side. The points appear to be apportioned based on team health, so higher health teams are worth more points.

No one is prevented from levelling their heroes during a war. So my guess is one of that 48 point guy’s alliance mates leveled up a hero, and as a consequence pulled an extra point to that team instead.


I clicked on the opponent at the beginning to add up points it added up 48… & then at a 2nd reset I noticed a member 1 shot that same opponent & it gave 47… So I looked at their defense again & now it was giving 47 & not 48…

Yup, I got that. What I’m saying is that, if one team gets stronger during the war, their points will go up. Because the available points for the whole alliance is fixed at 1500, that means some other team’s points must go down to compensate. That team whose points went down simply has a smaller portion of the total alliance health now, so they’re worth a little less.


Interesting… I appreciate the answer…


Is that 1500 per life? or 3000 if everyone is killed and reset?

I’m still not understanding how often we/they reset, I’ve heard if all players are killed there is an immediate reset?

Can a team get killed 3 times in one war?

Sorry, I haven’t seen this discussed?

1500 total across all lives. So if you kill everyone exactly once you’ll get 1500 pts. If you kill all opposing teams before their respawn timers are up, you’ll reset the board and they will all respawn instantly.

A team can actually get killed up to 6 times in a war.


In theory this is indeed possible. But I never saw all attacks being made succeed and kill the opponent in 1 strike.
But you are right, this could happen :wink:

I think @Garanwyn has the explanation, but also realize that the system has rounding variations when more than 1 flag is used to kill an enemy. A 1-shot enemy may net your team 47 points (Enemy amount + kill bonus) while using 3 flags may net your alliance 48 points. This is due to the system rounding up partial points.

When this happens, a field reset will be worth more than 1500 points. I see it every reset we do as our teams are not strong enough to 1-shot every opponent.

Just to clarify… using more than 1 flag for the possibility of getting those rounding variations is NOT a good war strategy. It’s better to get the 1-shots :smile:


That’s what I mean tho… The 1st 1 shot was higher than the 2nd 1 shot… What I meant about adding up the points is the points that each enemy gives before it gets killed… As many do-we target the weakest first etc. So this was really confusing to me… Tho the level up thing kinda made sense, but not sure if that’s what happened…

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Why do we get less poinys from same enemy watch closelly at phutya and zippiy

obviously developers want you to lose so they are stealing your war points :sunglasses:
joking aside, maybe some people leveled troops used in in defense teams which redistributed the HP across enemy defense teams. and defense team hit points are used to calculated that team’s share of the points obtained from defeating them.

If someone levels heroes or troops on the battlefield in such a way that it changes the health values of the teams, then points will move around.

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Hi everybody

Would like to understand how’s that possible? I thought total score of 1500/ participants?

One of the players lost extra 2 points per defeat even with 1shot?..

  1. This is in the wrong category @zephyr1 @Kerridoc
  2. If some player lvl his troops or heroes the points distribution is “adpating” since its based on Hp.
  3. Sometimes if not one shot the points are rounded up so thoose changes are “justified”

There are lots of topic discussing this… heres an example.


Which hits were the 1-shots? I’m guessing the first two?

Between them he leveled up his heroes, which increased his team health. This would reshuffle the points and reduce another player by 2 (or two by 1 each) to keep at 1500.

Partial kills are more problematic due to rounding. Especially if further leveling is added in. The cumulative total of the hits to kill could end up 1 or 2 points (more with leveling) higher than the total for a 1-shot because of rounding up. Thus the next 3 hits add to 57 (presumably the next kill). Thus a theoretical 1500 can end up being significantly higher.

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If a team is damaged on a first attack, then heals up on a second attack back to full strength, is he then worth the full points in the third attack?