War Points and Remaining Attacks Suggestion

I have two suggestions on Wars.

  1. The idea of wars is a team effort. However since you show a “top player” for each team and a leader-board, the scoring for individual points (not team) needs adjusting in my opinion. Often times a strong player goes in first and knocks out the tank and possibly 1-2 other players. Then a weaker teammate goes in for cleanup to finish off the team. The net result is the weaker player gets all the bonus points. I suggest that you track who contributed to each team kill and distribute the bonus across the teams proportionally base on damage done. So for example if the first payer takes out 3 of the 5 heros (let assume for simplicity they are all the same hero), then that player gets 3/5 of the bonus point when the team is finally defeated.

  2. Show the number of attacks remaining for each team and then under each player show lines or some indicator of how many attacks left that player has left. it will help each understand if they are really ahead or if they just did more attacks. Additionally it will help team leaders identify which members have not yet attacked.


great idea to show the remaining attacks!!!
After all, this is the age of digitalization :wink: … this stuff is available in the data base anyway. So why should the alliances have to count attacks and write them down on a piece of paper?


This is an awesome idea @zigglesworth


By the way, speaking of digitalization:

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, SG, for showing a player’s own ranking and that player’s alliance’s own ranking when we take a look at the leaderboard! What a wonderful improvement!

+1 for improved report. It’s valid for titans too!

Regarding first point, even like this it’s not necessary accurate. Will Maths be accurate? Isn’t it call victory points? Who did the job? The one that iniaitly attacks and kill guenievre, dalilah and alberich in a 4100 team letting magni and sartana so damaged that a 1* hero could finish the job or the teammate that effectively finish them with 3* heroes? Initial attacker may think I’ve lost 59 points for not finishing the job and for that I would be second on leaderboard. Alliance leader may think that the team working all together did the job.

We need to involved @Brobb in this :slight_smile:

Point 1 imo is not that important, since afaik rewards in war do not depend on the single player score but only on whether the team wins or loses (Is this correct?). So correcting the points distribution among players would just be for fun.
Point 2 definetely needed!! I hate spending hours scrolling the war history counting how many of ours and among the enemy lines have already attacked, most of the times doing mistakes in the counting.


Yeah, individual scores in AW are only a bragging right. There are only 2 loot tiers, “Win” or “Loose”

Point 2 is indeed needed.
And add an exportable format for the log.
And while you’re at it, do the same for titans.


Not just about bragging when alliance take screenshots of the scores and save them for future decision making. Not like after a weak someone can remember if a player went in and busted tanks and only got 30-60 points.

True, but individual scores doesnt affect the loot someone gets. Its either win or loose.

If you want to credit someone for being a team player in some way, I’d aay its a good idea, but that person might not fully understand how AW works. And might not be a team player to begin with.

Both ideas are solid, but I’d prioritize the second one. More, clearly visible indications about total hits and distribution of remaining flags would be very valuable.

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