War point questions

I’m comparing myself to someone a bit stronger in my alliance as we setup for war.

I am F2P player and 2 levels lower than this player. I do not have any special characters besides season 1.

The other player is much more liberal with spending, and has a variety of characters with point cost much higher.

What’s the deal. Why am I worth the same vp than a paying more powerful player? This seems a bit biased.

I mean, even check out the troop difference.

The points in AW depend only on the HP of your heroes (troop bonuses included) and you have 3x crit troops.


Bonus points for victory bonuses are based on a team’s health points. You must match his.


Regardless, it feels like a shunt. Someone more powerful with much more $$ into characters with a much better lineup, is less points. The system seems broken if it’s only based on hp. There are so many other factors that are Equally important.

Why would gullenbursti at emblem level 20 be worth more points than a Telly at emblem 6?

Honestly which character would you rather have.

Regardless of what it is based on, who’s lineup would you rather have?


It is, unfortunately, only based on pure Health Point numbers.

I had the same issue in my first alliance. I had much stronger players in my alliance, and my team was worth just as many points as other teams that were several Team Power points higher (and overall harder to kill).

I thought it was stupid, myself. But what I learned from that was not to stack my war defense teams with pin cushion / damage sponges (like Gormek, for example).

The war point and matching system has always been imperfect in several different ways. They “tried” to fix it, supposedly… or they’re “still working on it,” or something… who knows? Waiting for SG to “fix” something… you never know. Is it going to be fixed today? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Next year? Is the “fix” going to make it better, or make things even worse? Stay tuned to find out!

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FWIW forum users are players of E&P like you. Posters replying to your initial question are only trying to help.

Have you seen this thread…

Governor once put it this way…
… it’s based on health points, not team power.
The field of all teams is worth a fixed number of points, and the points for each team (and hero on each team), are determined based on the proportion of health points they have to the total health points of all of the teams.

I’m somewhat unsure why this seems to be bothering you much. But I hope this helps you!
Happy gaming!

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I do understand why it’s bothersome. I was once in the same position.

In my first alliance, in wars, my team was mid level at best compared to my fellow teammates. But it was worth nearly as many points as our top level defense teams, because apparently my team was very heavy in health points. It made me a very tempting target for our war opponents, and I was almost always the first one targeted, and my team got killed repeatedly.

Was very annoying to keep getting targeted like that. So I switched out those heroes for other ones that were equally annoying to try to kill, but worth several fewer points because they had less meat on their bones. Problem solved! :grin:

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I’d honestly take the pig.

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Thank you. Guess I understand! I’m a firm believer in doing your best, or in this case, putting up YOUR best defense. Since the points will all be shared by your alliance. I wouldn’t want to put a weaker team up just so I won’t be targeted. That may mean a lesser team would be, and in the end, a flip is always worth the same.
Thank you for explaining. I do appreciate it! Good luck!

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Also note that you have more emblems that he has. He has 38, you have 49. Which will also give you more health.

I wouldn’t say his defense is better than yours btw.

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My first alliance was kind of hardcore, they would track stats on everything. They would compare how many points your defense team “gave up” to the opponent vs. how many points you personally scored.

The leader wouldn’t shame you for it, as long as you used all of your flags… those who didn’t use all flags? Yikes… leader would call them out.

“Last war, your defense team gave up 400 points. You only used 2 flags and only scored 150 points. You just gave the opponents a 250 point advantage.”

I didn’t want to be ‘that guy’! So I made sure to use all my flags every time. And when I saw that my defense team was dying easier than our top defenses, and still giving up nearly as many points, I switched out my heroes with ones that had less HP but were still just as hard to kill. That way I wasn’t ‘giving up’ as many points to the enemy.

Example: one might think that Gormek would be a great defensive hero, because of all the HP he carries. But he’s relatively easy to kill, even compared to other red heroes with less beefy stats. So I took him out and replaced him with… I don’t even remember now, Scarlett or someone. Made my defense team a less tempting target for the opponent.

Ultimately, the overall effectiveness of your defense teams have less to do with total health points or team power, and more to do with hero synergies. I have easily wiped out high level teams that didn’t pose much of a threat defensively, and gone on to struggle against smaller level teams that had statistically weaker, but still annoyingly hard to kill heroes. Never, ever just look at the numbers and assume that the team with the higher stat points is going to be the strongest team.

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