War Participation

Allow leaders and co-leaders to toggle alliance members participation in war during the match making countdown period. This could be accomplished by selecting members in your roster and toggling a similar checkbox as we do our own participation.

I have a simpler solution. Let’s just make it mandatory each member has to click join for every war. This way those absent wont participate and those who want to play will. If they opt in to play then dont contribute, well kick them from the alliance. We had two members online but never attacked once. There only fault is I can see they were online. Right now people join war and then disappear for a day or two and they automatically get included. This selection option should be given a 12hr option period before matchmaking starts. After this point, u have your team selected and it can be hopefully paired vs another team that has no slackers as well.


Hello. I would like to offer you an idea that the leader of the alliance could assemble a team for war by himself .

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