War participation should be chosen by leaders/Co leaders

I’m tired of members joining a war and they do not use any or barely any flags in the war. It’s usually members that also that communicate at all with the alliance so it’s hard to say anything to them when we have no idea if they are even reading our messages. War participation should be either allowed by leaders and co leaders or maybe even they have to be elders just to be able to join on their own. You might say just kick these people out of the alliance which I have done many times but sometimes these people really help with titans so they are needed but for some reason they join the wars and either will only use one or two flags or none at all. Also sometimes if they are new we don’t find out about how they will participate in the war until their first war after joining and they cost us a victory. Eventually we do kick these members out but it’s always after we learned the hard way

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