War Participation Percentage wrong

My War Patricipation Percentage is incorrectly showing 54%. I am the leader and founder of my alliance, have never left since the alliance’s inception, and always use all flags. I have at least one other member who is showing 54% as well.

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We had a member of our alliance today that opened her war chest at 84% but has participated in every war.

My chest and several others opened at 100% though

There have been visual errors in that chest before. Two wars ago it showed my one account had a participation of 776% while my other account stayed at 100%.

It’s worth taking some screenshots for your archives and keeping an eye on it just to make sure you don’t get ripped off!

I too would like an explanation on this , if possible @zephyr1 @Garanwyn

Months ago I got 88% but I was sure I did :100: …so I wonder now as this is mentioned…

In many of the cases I’ve seen reported of this, the War Chest participation percentage showed an incorrect number after the War, and then eventually showed the correct percentage a while later.

@CountryGirl @Justab0x if you continue to see incorrect percentages, please contact Support so they can help you, since no one on the Forum including SGG Staff addresses account issues:


I’ve no idea, I’m afraid. We mods don’t have any special insight into bugs. But we do tend to see a LOT of bug reports here on the forum, so sometimes we remember past occurrences and can connect the dots.

Like @zephyr1, all I’ve ever seen is reports of incorrect percentages where the true internal participation number on the chest was correct. SG tagged it as a visual bug. That bug was, if I recall, somewhere in the v19 timeframe. If you’re legit not getting proper rewards, that would be really annoying (to say the least).


Thanks gents.

+20 thanks


Thanks for the responses, everyone. I did open a support ticket with sgg, as well. However, for both me and my alli member, the percentage showed up correctly (100%) about an hour later. So I am thinking maybe their servers were just behind in the internal reporting. My chest is in the middle of being filled so I wont get the loot for a little while anyway.


This is what I’ve seen before when people report this — other than one time there was a system-wide bug, it always turns out to just be a delay in showing the updated percentage.

Thanks for the update, and glad it’s resolved!

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