War participation not calculating correctly?

Can someone please explain how the war chest participation is calculated? I have participated in every war. I won 3x, lost 2x, and tied 2x for a total of 23 points. Yet my war chest participation says I am not at 100%. It is only showing 69%…How is this possible?

Can you show a screenshot of your profile from the Members tab? (i.e. go to Members, then click on your name and screenshot it.) I’m wondering if you left the alliance and joined again.

Did you use all 6 flags in each war?


Nowhere does it say that 100% participation requires the use of all flags.

No, I did not leave the alliance, and I am the only one in the alliance. Had I left the alliance, it would no longer exist. If I had left and decided to recreate it, everything would have started at zero because it would be a new alliance.

I don’t believe you need to use all flags for 100% participation? But I could be wrong. My understanding was that you only had to use at least 1 flag in each war to be counted. Though it will be counted as a missed war if you didn’t use any flags or if you didn’t set up a defense team. If you actively participated in both wars every week (Wednesdays and Saturdays), you should be at 100%; otherwise, you could try submitting a support ticket (though I’ve heard that support isn’t always very “supportive” in situations like this) :confused:

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