War Participation % - How exactly?


I was wondering if anyone knows exactly how the %'s are done.

We have a member that joined recently and did 2 wars, we are on 22 with 4 wins and 2 losses.

2/6 = 33.3%

There is just no way ever on 6 wars only thus far to get 45%, unless I am missing something small.

While it’s possible that flags used are taken into account, there have been a number of reports of miscalculated participation %. Id say it’s worth a ticket to support.

Nah just trying to understand how this all works … I mean its not a trade secret … @Petri if you in your busy schedule maybe be able to just clarify how this whole participation thing works.

I can’t find exactly the thread anymore but staff mentioned that 1 hit in war counts as participated.
More I can’t help you with…

@Aquaginera_7DD Yes indeed that one!
Thnx for finding it. My search FU failed me today.

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Thanks … yeah would be sweet to exactly know how the % is derived

I think you meant this post… by a moderator tho: Version 16 Release Notes - Thoughts? - #29 by Kerridoc

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Would it be the chest points earned? Were the last 2 wins? That way he would have 10/22=45%?


I would assume this to be it, and then if a player were to not have used all flags, the points made in a war would be multiplied by the proportion of flags used in this war (i.e. 5/6 flags used would gain the player 83.3% of the amount of points gained by the team after the war)

I’m pretty sure flags usage does not matter. You either paticipate (use atleast one flag) or you don’t. So you either get full chest points from a single war or you get nothing.

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Flags dont affect participation, 1 attack is enough.

Ahhhh that could be it. Then it has not to do with the amount of wars but points earned vs points total!

Thanks there is another that has 6 out of 7, with 21 points. So 21/22 = 95% although his states 90%.

So seems off now on that method.