War participation checklist, individual war score and performance war score table

Can we admins of alliance request for war participation checklist, individual war score and performance war score table?

I know some said giving admins way to control the members are bad idea. Alright, but can we at least have the checklist to see which member participate the war?

And also a table to let us know sum of individual war score + performance score (win or loss) = war score.

I wrote the request before but some might not agree with admins controlling member’s war participation, but I really hope for a participation check list. Coz sometimes it’s frustrating to see the war score jumped up and down probably due to a member who reached level 12, or new member joining alliance, or a member decided to opt out without informing the admin and we leaders can’t just really see what’s going on, what causes the war score to rise or drop.

And I hope to see each member’s war score to know their strength. Coz being in alliance with no veteran player, some of them can’t use all 6 flags. It’s fine for me, but just need to know how strong they really are.

May l suggest you request your alliance members download Line or Discord & post their rosters; from there it is easy to use google sheets or a similar program to keep your alliance stats.
Good luck,

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I see~ thanks for suggestion~ I might try that later~ :+1:

But I still hope to see their individual war score n participation checklist though~ :sweat_smile:

That can also be done with Google sheets.
Take screen shots as war progresses of the scoring table, then merge the data after the war is over.
Hope this helps. :smiley:


Hello Everyone,
I’m writing because I only have an Alliance of 2 members and can never reach the score needed to participate in Allisnce wars. It’s very disheartening. :cry:

Probably worth looking into joining a larger alliance…

Not only will it open up Alliance wars but you’ll also start fighting bigger titans.

Bigger titans = better loot tiers = more & better chances at Ascension Mats = more progress


Thanks for replying. Good advice.

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