War participation check list for alliance

I’m not sure if there’s existing thread about this thing, but I really need a war participation list check for me to know which member actually tick to participate the war, especially BEFORE the matchmaking.

Because my alliance has been lost too many times in AW because of irresponsible member tick to join the war, and some of them claiming they didn’t tick the participation box but still getting into the war. I don’t want any members who are not ready for war to join in, which their presence obviously increases the war score, and they can’t perform better to help gaining points for the alliance war score.

I’m not sure if they lie or not about getting tick without their knowing, but I hope this check list is available for admins to check which members actually tick to join the war.

Even better, Leaders and Co-Leaders need the ability to check and un-check war participation of members. Not just to see but actually control who can and can not be in war.

I totally feel WaaWaa’s pain here!

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Agree~~ More control on the members~ :triumph:

Good idea.
it may also inspire a little more communication between alliance members. My alliance is pretty quiet and any communication regarding the wars would be helpful. We have team members not participating.