War or joke?



Continuing the discussion from Alliance Wars Scheduled Maintenance (20 Sep - 23 Sep):

you should apologize to one … it is unforgivable to receive some good games far more powerful opponents … and when we thought we would have a fair-play competition you somehow interrupted and of course again we are disadvantaged … you are just destroying the spirit of competition … we already feel that we participate in the race without any passion … we do not receive anything for the efforts we make … and in the events you help the strong you have for them awards that discourage less evolved players. or you are consistent and give yourself equal chances or recognize that you no longer master this application. sin because we put our soul and passion and you destroy them


I fully agree. For weeks now we had opponents so much stronger than we, so we were just victims and points deliverer. I really don’t remember when we won last time. Usually our oponents have 10.000 alliance points more than we have, so there’s simply no chance for us, we usually loose clearly with a difference of 1000 war points. Your invention of a “war chest” therefore seems to us like utter mockery.

So if you don’t adjust the algorithm for a better match, we will leave the war game.