War Optional?

Just lost a war today by 7 points because one of us forgot to opt out. They were on vacation. What do you guys think about making it to where you have to opt to join each time instead of making it where you have to opt out each time? Sometimes people just forget to opt out each time.

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I would be okay with that if the actual War prep time really was 24 hours before matchmaking. But sometimes War prep is only six or seven hours before matchmaking starts, and that’s not enough time for everybody to login and opt-in if they’re sleeping or working Etc.


That’s why I think you should have to opt in every time so if you forgot to opt out if you couldn’t participate or whatever then it would be ok

But it wouldn’t be ok for those who wanted to opt in but couldn’t because they weren’t online during an 8 hour window.

Hmm… not a big fan of this idea as I can see scenarios where the opt in time could be easily missed. This would drop the war chest participation and cost a good player some loot.

I do see a definite want/need for a fix to the absentee player. There was another request that would allow a leader/co-leader to remove the player. While I also see issues with that one, I think that’s a better solution.

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Don’t like this idea at all.
The above scenario has happened to us multiple times also, but it’s part of the game.

Most people want to participate in all / majority of wars, so shouldn’t have to opt in or effectively be punished (reduced war chest loot) for not doing so, no matter the time frame.

Part of the reasons for alliances is to work together as a team, this includes managing participation.
If your member was going away, they should opt out, otherwise you know this is the outcome. If it happens too regularly, might be time for them to find a new alliance.
Otherwise life can impact activity and the is part of the game.

I’m all for the leader being able to opt individuals out of the war. If the leader was an idiot about it, he’d lose members as they’d go to another alliance so it’s sort of self regulating and it means the alliance members that are getting shafted by the person that just won’t opt out won’t get annoyed and leave. As an alliance leader I’d be all for that. But the having to opt in each time would be a major pain. At the moment the leader can opt the entire team in or out of the war, why not the individual too?

Yeah if they haven’t set up their defense team yet like an hour before war starts then the leader should be able to opt them out

I think if they haven’t set a defense team, it automatically defaults to the last defense team they used. Which reminds me that I have to remind one of my members later to change his defense team for the next war… if someone could remind me to remind him in say, 8-12 hours from now, would be much appreciated…

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Remind him! Lol it’s time!

Oh! Good call! Thanks! :grin:

I don’t know if he’s online or not… gonna send him a text before he goes out partying or whatever his plans for tonight were. :wink:

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