War: Opting Out

MatchMaking in progress, but I can opt out. How does that work?

When you un-check that little box you have opted your self OUT of the war.

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If you remove the check mark while matchmaking is in progress, the prep phase is going or the war has started, you’ll be put in spectator mode. At least, that is my understanding as I’ve never felt the need to test it :smile:

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When they say “matchmaking in progress,” I don’t think they literally mean the matchmaking algorithm is running right now. That’s just their way of telling you that now is the time to decide whether you’re in or out for the next war.

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As it happened in my alliance, someone who opted out during the matching in progress did participate in that war

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It seems unclear. It would suck if that player goes into spectator mode giving the opponents an extra member.

I understand it the way that if matchmaking is in progress you can opt out but have still been counted in in the matchmaking, meaning the alliance you will be paired with is about equal to your alliance with you in it, and you will show up in the battlefield.

My understanding is that you should opt out right after the war when the Victory/Defeat shows in the war tab, or when there’s the Matchmaking starts in…text in the tab. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Anyhow, I think it’s too late to opt out if the matchmaking is already in progress.

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