War - opting back in after being inactive

I saw some similar threads but not the exact same issue.

One of our alliance members has been away for a bit due to personal reasons. He/she recently tried to join alliance wars again but I think he/she got a message that said something like

“You have been inactive in war so are now a spectator”

How does he/she opt back in after being inactive?

They tried to join the next war I think but they weren’t in it.


Have he tried to leave and rejoin the alliance?

I think your member was to late if they have just tried to opt in to the war. The matchmacking has been done so will have to wait for next war.

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I think they tried to join the next war and the war after that…

Have they checked the “Participate in Wars” box? (Or aren’t they allowed? In which case, may we see screenshots? Well, perhaps not during this war … but right afterwards?)

Good question, I’m not too sure and they didn’t specify.

I was hoping maybe someone else had experienced a similar thing!

I opted my alt out of the last war using the ‘participation’ box, but was able to join back in for the upcoming one. No issues.

A couple of thoughts. Some previously mentioned but summarized here:

  1. As previously mentioned, WHEN did he try to join? It needs to be before matchmaking.

  2. Did he try adding the checkmark into the participation box and receive that message? Or did he just try to access the battlefield?

  3. Was he inactive in the 2 previous wars? If so, he likely hit the auto-opt out. Would be curious to know if there’s an issue with a person being auto-opted out and then can’t check the participation box after.


I think it’s point 3; he/she was inactive for 2-3 wars. I will ask them.

If an opted out alliance decides to opt back in, is it possible to have the individuals opt out tick removed automatically? As default until they retick it if they want to war?

We have alliance members who are opted in but dont hit. Would love to remove the alliance tick and retick. To ‘reset’ everyone as opted out. Then the people who want to war can opt in individually…

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They still can’t opt in, in between wars