War Opt out delay?

When I opt out of a war for on rare occasions, I noticed that it doesn’t take effect for that war. It will keep me active in the war and only take me out for the following one. I have opted out during the prep phase as well as before it and both act the same way. Other alliance members report the same issue.

The same thing happens once I try to opt back in, it leaves me out of the upcoming war and only lets me back in for the following one. Again alliance members report the same issue.

I don’t know if this is a bug but if it is I wanted to report it. If it isn’t I need to know so we don’t kick people who may be opting out yet it looks to us like they are not using their flags.

I think it will auto remove you from war after 2 misses where you don’t use any flags which is fine. However I would like to know why this leaves me in spectator mode when opting in or leaves me in the war when I try to opt out.


You have to opt in or out before matchmaking begins.

If you change your opt-in status during matchmaking, preparation, or the War itself, it won’t apply until the next time.

If you’re sure you’ve changed your status before matchmaking started, then I’d suggest contacting Support so they can investigate their logs.


I have done it before matchmaking and during and so have alliance members. I think most players including myself and our alliance figures you can opt out during the preparation phase. I don’t know why you have to opt out so far in advance. You can change your lineup during prep so you should be able to opt out. I will contact support.
I think there is a work around to this. If you leave your war team blank by removing all your heros it will leave you on the battlefield but you will appear greyed out and look different from others in the setup. It does give you a warning but it takes you out of the war. That would seem to be a quick work around but most people assume that opt out means for the current war.
Thanks for the reply.

You definitely can’t, so that may be part of the issue.

You have to opt out before matchmaking because the people who are opted in are how you’re matched with another alliance.

That sort of works, in that it will remove you from the War, but it’ll screw over your alliance notably.

It won’t change your match for the War, so your alliance will effectively be fighting your opponent without the advantage of your flags. In that way, it’s equivalent to just not using your flags.

The only thing that’s different is it drops your Defense from the Battlefield. But that just means that all of the other teams are worth more points.

So your opponent gets more points while killing fewer teams, and has more flags to use.

So…not a great solution.

Sounds good, hope they can help! :slight_smile:


This has happened in our alliance on 2 separate occasions and to 2 different players. Both are very knowledgeable players and I actually discussed the timing with both of them beforehand. Regardless, 1 wasn’t opted in and the other wasn’t opted out.

Just FYI as it’s in the past. We occasionally have players opt in/out and we’ve only had those 2 incidents. It does appear that there is sometimes a server update delay, though.

Opting out needs to happen before the timer expires for when matchmaking starts…



Agreed. Both instances in my alliance were before matchmaking began.

Again, in the past for us and no solid proof one way of the other. While many of these issues are probably caused by not understanding the matching system, I do believe there are certain instances of the opt in/out feature failing.

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