War Opponents Have One More Player?!

Battlefield for current war: we have 11 players and the opponents have 12. They started with 36 flags and we started with 33.

Our alliance is at a huge disadvantage because the opponent will have six more flags than us this war!

Is this a bug? In almost two years of play, I’ve never seen it before.

Thank you.

nope. Not a bug. It means your Alliance is overall stronger and has the better depth in heroes :slight_smile: . It is rare that this happens but it does.


@cadi Thanks for the quick reply. I guess we have our work cut out for us!

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The way war matchmaking is set up there can be up to 3 more player on one side. It allows the system more flexibility in finding match-ups, and is supposed to mean the side with the fewer players has stronger teams. Doesn’t always work that way in practice but many times it does.

Good luck in your war, Adrian :slight_smile:


Only ever happened to our alliance once. And I asked the same question.
Only to be told it’s not a bug.
But don’t worry too much. You can still defeat the opponents- we did
Good luck

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We won! By 9 points. Hah

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Nice! Congrats. Nothing like a close war to keep the blood flowing.

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