War opponents and score comparisons

Is there any way you can have the war set up to where we are connected to less than 5k between war score enemies? It’ll help smaller teams as well as connect people more their speed. Our alliance right now is taking on a enemy with a score over 10k more than us, and we’re getting it handed to us. We have won maybe 1 war in the last 10 we did because it’s always over 10k between us and them. I believe it would be best for all if the way score was closer. This way your set with a more compatible opponent. Thank you for reading this.

I do understand your frustration, but perhaps there’s some ways you can minimize the difference and win some wars? A few things to think about:

  1. Is your alliance using all flags? If not, use them. Even if the heroes are unleveled 2*s you can get points.
  2. Do you all have your best team on the war field?
  3. If possible, does everyone have the same color tank? This can help get more points by running your opponents out of the color that’s strong against your tanks.
  4. Do any of your defense teams have Common Villagers applied? If so, you’re handing your opponents easy points.

While these may not be the whole answer, these things can help your alliance win wars. Just some thoughts… back to the topic now :grin:


I can not imagine such a big difference.
Note that the war points are not compared to the Alliance points.

Otherwise I can only join my previous speaker.
Improve tactics and Teams then you eventually win the alliance wars.