War opponent level not shown

Just noticed, when checking out my alt’s opposing alliance, not all player levels are shown:

Also, it’s not a matter of when they were last active.
No big shakes since I’ll be fighting one on one but it’s a quirk.

I have searched for the same alliance and I see the same.
When I open up the members without visible rank in the list then I can see their level.

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I think I know the possible reason.
The members without a level have logged in 900-1000 or more days ago.
While others with visible level are logged in recently.
So it looks like the game only shows the level for active members only.
It is a good to know :slight_smile:

If you are not participate in a few wars in a row, then the program opts you out.
So you can only face those opponent members on the battlefield who has got a visible level in the list.


I didn’t know that. Thanks @PlayForFun - I had to investigate too lol.

Good luck @PooFlingerJr - I wonder if Larry knows there are active alliances out there :thinking:?

I thought that before I posted but Frozt is shown and has not been active for 900+ days

Edit: and it’s it’s not 1000 days for losing your level tag:

Here another member which lvl isnt visible

There must be a cap. After x days without log in

All other members are logged in earlier than 906 days.
(946 was the earliest without rank).

Yes it looks like the limit is between 906 and 946 :slight_smile:

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Player level was not shown in the first year of game, but I can’t retrieve in which version it was added… These players never did this upgrade :slight_smile:

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That sounds like a winner

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