War opponent has more teams on the battlefield!

EDIT: A new alliance member had hit level 12 and the game auto entered her until she can finish the “alliance war tutorial”… which she can not do until after the war. At least now we know why it happened.

Hello, I am in a small alliance of 7 people. We have 4 players in our current war… but our opponent has 5. How is this possible? We are at a huge disadvantage here. Is this a bug or has this been happening? This is the first time I have ever seen it.

Were a member of your alliance left its base not filled with 5 heroes?

If the base is not fully filled, it is automatically removed before the war start.

I’ve had it happen. The numbers are a player off sometimes. It’s less noticeable with larger alliances, but yes, in this case it will certainly hurt…


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