War opponent has a member defending 3 times and attacking multiple times


So this war we noticed that our opponents have a member who is defending 3 times with three different teams, and all of them are also able to attack.

Is this functionality none of our alliance knows about, and if so how do we do it? Or is this an opponent who is somehow cheating?

Screenshots added below… The multiple user is [redacted]

Moderator’s Note: screenshots with player names removed by @zephyr1 per Forum Rules: accusing fellow players of cheating and posting their names on the Forum is not allowed.

Well that is interesting. Can’t wait to see responses to this.

Ingame username are not unique. Guess they use the same name to troll opposing team


I looked up the alliance, and they have 3 players with the same name.


Turns out you’re right… Checked their lineup and they’ve 3 with the same name. Annoying though!


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