War opponent defense

Does the game just automatically give more defense to opponents in war? Been playing nearly 3 years now and have a good understanding of how to stack teams. No “bleeping” way, even with health added, should my 4100k+ teams be loosing to teams under 3800 with troops half or less of my own. So seriously what’s the deal? Please refrain from telling me my rant is unjustified without video, all players that watch their hit/damage for this long know what I’m talking about. Where is the algorithm does it support weaker teams to such an extreme???

Yes, it does. All war and raid defense teams get a 20% attack and defense boost.

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Well, there’s field aid. And defence gets ≈ +20% attack buff.

And team power is a really vague way of calculating value.

If you took a team of Gormek and I took a team of Grimm, your TP could be the same…but who’d win?

So the answer to your question is ‘yes’.


I know about the 20%, and take.the.time to actually choose a.hero and look at their stats. Still doesn’t explain such low.hit numbers before any special skill releases. Also why doesn’t E&P.make.this knowledge easier for players at.the very start of their game play? I sure as.heck dont recall in the tutorial about 20% being given to defense. and knowing where to read for all the nuances certainly isn’t explained either.

That’s certainly true, there’s a huge amount of nuance to the game which isn’t obvious

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Be interested to see both teams, as well as the associated synergies between the specials of each.

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