War opp team reflected and no reflect heroes

Today, in my 1st war attack I selected a team that had Seshat, Vela, Norns, Gravemaker, Kingston. When the war screen 1st started there was an odd flash, but nothing else happened after and everything seemed to be normal.

I had a solid start, all my heroes were almost charged and their Norns fired. No big deal. Next play, my Vela and Frida charged and I aimed Frida at GM and his side heroes, then fired Vela… both were reflected back to me wiping out frida and puting Vela’s water dot on all of my heroes.

How in the wolrd a reflect!?

A pity you didn’t take a screen shot… As I’m pretty sure Norns is not that awesome :thinking:. :woman_shrugging:

Exactly, I had the match won… Norns was almost dead, so was GM and Kingston sorta… Frida would have killed GM and Norn. Vela’s 1st hit wouldnt have killed Kingston, but her water DOT would the next turn.

Then it was all easy beans to finish seshat and vela with clarissa and my own seshat… and a few tiles.

Was super frustrating.

…and I never remember to video or think to screenshot. Will from now on.

That is extremely weird. As far as I know, the only hero who can reflect status effects like that is Mitsuko.

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Just take some screenshots now and show us the 3 teams you attacked. I’m guessing it probably had Mitsuko in it and you mixed them up.

No mits… was def GM… I dont take blue to Mits

Which were your other two opponents? I just want to rule out mistakes. After all I’ve attacked a titan with the same color team a few times or added Thorne when I thought I added Arthur. Just want to totally rule out you even faced a Mitsuko or not during your first attacks or not. Bugs are really rare but if no Mitsukos anywhere you may have stumbled upon one.

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