War of Three Kingdoms possible Krampus issue

I cast cobalt at 2 charges on a ~100 HP Krampus and he simply took no damage. There was no blind, taunt or dodge involved in any of the heroes. No animation from special. He had just been hit by Frida and had no buffs or minions. The special just used my mana and did nothing. I have no idea if it’s related to Krampus or how to reproduce as it was my last flag and I didn’t record. Never seen this in 5+ years of playing this game. I’m guessing something to do with Krampus rework. Even when I’ve played on crappy internet that disconnects in the past my hits always eventually go through, so it’s odd.

Can you post a pic of the defense and your attacking team?

This is very strange and it also exclude possibile misses due to Wu Kong.
Maybe he were struck by mindless attack and you missed out it’s animation?

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Best to contact support

Give much info as possible time of attack defence you went u against team you took.

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Yea I did, thanks. Just posted on forums in case others had something similar happen that would corroborate. If not then I must be crazy.

cKiril, Frida, Cobalt, Morel, Prof/Rigard/Garnet (I forget which but one of those 3) vs

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