War of the Three Kingdoms - A defeated enemy is under attack

Maybe it is just a visual issue, but one of my Warband mate is seems to be attacking a defeated enemy:

When I click on opponent information I see this:

So the opponent is already defeated.

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It is possible to re-hit dead targets. If U shake the board, I saw it used few times

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I am certain this is just a visual issue. I have encountered it before many times in regular war.

What causes it for me is when I am in war looking at the war field and my tablet closes out due to inactivity. If the team that is getting attacked gets beat before I go back in, the war field and player that was being attacked shows just like this.

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It is a visual issue, I have seen similar thing in our weekly alliance war, sometimes the system takes a bit to update. I am not sure if it is a server update or our device/ connection. It does not affect the outcome

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Yes, I have seen it too.
I have just reported this bug in case Staff wants to check this out.

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