War of cheating alliances

There should be some penalties for cheats, today while playing the alliance war, the weak teams of the enemy alliance hastened their attacks and minutes after they left the war, their teams disappeared. this in order to avoid being attacked and that we do not add points. if this things do not happen fair do we not participate any more on alliance war.They were also over 10,000 points from us … this is not good

I wouldn’t call it cheating. Poor sportsmanship on their part. I’ve had this happen many many times. It sucks

Others teams costs are increased, kick them.

Poor sportsmanship indeed.

It’s only a cheat if it’s against the rules. Given how the game allows players to do this, it’s hard to call it a cheat at this point. It may be unintended, which could scale it as an exploit. But it’s not actually an exploit until the devs have declared this as unintended.

Seems like SG has a loophole to fix here.

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From the screenshots two members of the other alliance did this, and those two forfeited their war rewards (I think…)
Doesn’t quite seem like cheating.
Also looking at the last screenshot: Did those two weak members win 1000 points for their alliance? :slight_smile: