War of 3 kingdoms, attack points

I think there is no balance in earning points. If I attack a full player I get about 30 points, if I attack a wounded player I get 25.27 points, even if one of the targets is dead or in any case the team is well weakened

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I took out a tank, weakened the others, and got 5 points. Maybe finishing off the team is worth 15.

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I think this change in point structure is good, should encourage cleanups with this many players


It’s bizarre. I one shotted 4 opponents, got 20 or 21 points each time. But a cleanup - killing one or two weak heroes - earns 23 or more points.

If that continues I will just be looking for those cleans instead. Who would want to try the hard matchups if we score lower (and crucially are then rewarded lower.)

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Your war mix sounds different, everyone is 30/31 on my field… Barely any under 4800 power, most 4900 plus.


Sounds like my war mix. But the point that clean-ups give significantly higher points than weakening them is a bit of an imbalance.

Shouldn’t actually defeating an opponent give more points though?

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It is similar than regular war, team with more HP worth more points, you get extra point for killing a team, I doubt it that SG will change the point rules that had been working for a long time with weekly alliances war

Yeah, but the difference is pretty stark compared to regular war scoring where of the total points you get for killing a team, about 1/3 is based on killing the team vs 2/3 in the war of 3 kingdoms.

So in the normal war, if you kill all except 1 hero, you would expect to get over 50% of the points (give or take), but under the war of 3 kingdoms, you’ll get less than 1/3.

I get it encourages people to clean up damaged teams, but disincentives people taking on hard teams.

My war is all 30/31 as well. My last flag I got 29 by cleaning up a team with no tank. Does that mean taking out the tank is only worth 1 or 2? That doesn’t seem quite right.

Yes killing a hero is roughly worth 2 points

The scoring is reverse of normal war. In normal war, the bonus points for killing the team is 1/3 of the total score. So if a team is worth 30 points, it’s 20 for heroes and 10 for the team.

In Wot3k, it’s 10 for the heroes and 20 for the team

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