War notification

How about sending out war notifications when there are unused flags. Especially if only an hour left to play

So, how much responsibility should be placed on the player still holding flags? :thinking:

Are you suggesting SG do this? There’s always the option to opt out if a player can’t use all their war flags. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Yes, unfortunately can’t support either - generally Natural Selection kicks in, where non-flag users tend to get warned then kicked in my experience

I would however support and option for being able to use all 6 flags from the start of war


To be honest, it’s highly unlikely that SG will facilitate this idea.
Probably the easiest option would be to allow all 6 flags to be used at the start of the war.
Or …
Get people to join an alliance LINE group and you can then message / prompt each other
Good luck