War not having enough hero’s in tutorial

When a player gets access to start their first war. Can it be set up to make sure they have 30 hero’s before they go through the tutorial. Especially since we are only allowed to use a hero once.

The default level is 12 before you can war. It is not uncommon for new players to have an assortment of 2* or maybe 1* heros. You also get free silver summon tokens too, so by level 12 you’d have 30 heros - just not particularly good ones :confounded: This is factored in with war matching.

Waiting until you have 30 heros you are happy with, might mean some people would never war :thinking:. :woman_shrugging:.

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I think more the issue is that when the tutorial kicks in it automatically puts level 12 players into their first war whether they are ready for it or not…

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Most people level 12 have no idea they need 30 heroes. I remember thinking ■■■ after checking my roster after first flag. Probably the common experience

It feels like it’s part of the learning curve. This may be one of the things that makes someone realize they should level more than 5 heroes.



I think it’s a bigger flashing sign that they may wanna visit alliance recruitment

Maybe making them build to 30 hero’s first before leveling up.

Iv kinda always warred even when I was starting its good development, sure back in the day I took five brands I got 3 points and that war we lost! But still used me flag! All that matters!
I just got a zero in this war! :woman_shrugging: Where I have better heros!

Yep, you have the tutorial and then you’re opted in… that’s not as clear as it should or could be, I think.

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They really should have a better explanation of war. It creates an unfair advantage for the opposing team.

Why is that? If your alliance has new level 12 players likely your opponent does too. A level 12 without 30 heroes is not going to contribute much to the war score but will contribute an extra body. Thus you will be matched with other alliances with that extra body and same war score.

I agree that the opt-in should not be automatic. And the alliance should be talking to the player before (s)he’s level 12 about wars and the requirements for it.

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