WAR, not getting points after an attack

I did not get points for one attack in the war. Only one enemy hero was left out of 5 with half health. But when the fighting ended points showed up as zero and enemy team fully restored.

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Screenshots help to illustrate your point.

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Welcome. Did you lose connection at the end of the fight? If the results of the battle don’t get transmitted to the server the end result will be a zero.

That might have been the problem.

I’ve had it happen to me a few times. I’ve also had the game reset just as I was making the final kill in a raid (when I reconnect it’s a loss). Very frustrating.

2nd time i only got back 16points. Wasted 2 teams

Looks like it was a tough war too. We had a couple of people lose connection during battles and score zero for their efforts. It’s extremely annoying especially in close wars.

Why are you “EX-MEMBER”?

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Thats my name on the game

Im the leader of : the warrior breed

Yes it was a tough one we won by 600. 900 less from last war victory.

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Sorry but this is forbidden

Point: Do-not #5
Impersonate other players and/or staff - including using System names as player names. Such as: Ex-member or Admin
Better change your name immediately…


Yes, this is why I asked the question. It can be seen as intentionally misleading to use that name.

Plus it comes across as a bit juvenile.


I advise you to stay away from the PlayStation and Xbox Online Matchmaking… if you think this is juvenile lol.

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Yeah, been there done that. One reason I enjoy this game so much.

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My bad!! I never knew this. I tried to play a prank on my alliance members to make them them think i left the alliance. But it was 500 to change it back to warrior breed. My alliance members didnt fall for it as ex member should be in brackets.

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Juvenile? How? Its was a mistake. When you asked, i replied honestly and didnt hide anything. If I new it was against the code do you think i would post that pic? Ahahaha

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better invest your next 500 gems in a new name…otherwise you might get banned from game or punished else. I am sure missing brackets are no excuse.

No need to invest anything that game had done it for me for free!!! Woohoo.

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