War - New Member Suddenly Appears on Board

War time. We calculate our hits to take down each team, systematically. We know there’s only one team left standing on the board to take out. From past experience, we know that once the last team is taken out, the whole board flips and resets-- no more timer restrictions.

We take down the “last” team, and when I check to see if the board flipped-- there’s one more team up? He wasn’t there before-- and the rest of my alliance can attest he just “popped up” out of nowhere. This is further confirmed by the unequal distribution of our enemies-- front row has 5 teams (the row where the new guy popped into), whereas the back row has 2 teams. I know War normally distributes the rows more evenly.

Screenshot (blue = “last guy” red = popped up out of nowhere)

Did you submit a ticket to the devs about this matter ?
If not this should be done

:sweat_smile: I thought that’s what I did, lol! I’ll submit one as soon as I figure out where? Is it thru the app?

Yes in game
Go to options then support

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m going to retract my post-- one of my alliance remembers differently and now I’m not sure if this was a true bug or not. Appreciate your help for future bugs!

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