War needs to allow for players to use the same heroes more than once!

Yeah I am calling this out as a serious issue. To set War up in a way that you can not use the same heroes from a previous battle was the single greatest let down to this new feature. Many players don’t keep swaths of heroes they dont use on stand by. No body does! You bust your tail to get better heroes and the older useless heroes become food for the awesome new 4 or 5 star your are so lucky to finally get. Then you spring this clunky careless war system on us? Seriously, what was the point of this move?

Please fix war to where players can use what ever heroes they want. That’s the whole point of war.


I’d say use them as you do defense. If my heroes went through a battle with 3/4 health left, allow them to enter the next battle with that 3/4 health until they are “dead”.


The other problem with the War system is Leaders and Co-leaders have no way of knowing if alliance members are doing what they suppose to be doing. If this is the way war has to be (no reusing same heroes) then at least give us leaders a tool that allows us to see if a player is truly out of heroes to fight with.

I still can’t believe I am seeing this; “can’t reuse same heroes”. I know you developers believe you thought this through, but you didn’t.


Here is a balanced solution, and developers, you will see this suggestion a LOT!

1CARob suggested:

“I’d say use them as you do defense. If my heroes went through a battle with 3/4 health left, allow them to enter the next battle with that 3/4 health until they are “dead”.”

All of my alliance members (who though hate this hero rule) recommended exactly the same thing. Let’s give this a try.

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The argument can be made from both sides:

  1. Use Heroes many times Get to use one mega leveled team over and over, some disadvantaged by not having super powered defense team.

  2. Use Heroes once permits everyone to flex a little; make use of more than just one leveled team, everyone in the same boat.

I can understand the arguments for both. I fall on the side of the “30” because it’s different than Raid and I get to make use of heroes I might have previously ignored.


My lower heroes have been lounging around the Donut shoppe too long, and don’t fight worth beans, though…


It really changes the game entirely. We are going from a “build the best team you can build” to this “strategy mechanism based game” that most everyone here is not used to.

Heh…whip those soldiers into shape, boy! :grin:

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They are looking at me like…index


See I don’t keep loungers. They become food for when I get me a 4 or 5 star hero I have been waiting to get. Until then, I let my summon coins stack up, and my recruit houses full.

Yes, I know. (Which is why a bunch of Beta folks started letting slip this news as soon as they heard it, so people wouldn’t be caught flat footed.)

My experience thus far is that NO one has a complete deep bench of 30, so all can work on this.

Consider it a new direction: You still need a highly leveled team for Titans, Raid and the map. This is something new / different / interesting.


I have not seen or heard a beta tester let slip a rumor, so this was a completely and disappointing off guard moment.

you clearly didn’t spend any time on the forums. There were bunches of threads about how you needed 30 heroes.

EDIT we all tried to get the word out so people weren’t surprised.


Try searching “30 heroes”.

Here’s one such notice:

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I have 25 4* ones, but not all have leveled up yet. Only one 5*.

Using them only once actually is the best thing ever for me, sorry.

It force me to learn using at best many new heroes, upgrade all my roster (so extend the life of the game), and use many different strategies.

So much fun.


You really should maintain a nice bench anyway, as it will help give options during events, raids, and fighting the different color Titans. Now it will also be useful for Alliance Wars. :wink:

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How or who do I email n where, I can’t fight in the wars

If we had a few more TC’s to provide food for the loungers, that would work better for me. haha

One of my teammate this morning attacked with a level 1 4* , as part of clean up work. Most ppl don’t have 30 heroes maxed out, but they do what they can with what they got. And clean up work doesn’t require the strongest heros.

I myself used 3* for cleanup work.