War mix-up

This may be kinda funny…
I have a friend ingame nick ‘frilecoder’ who somehow manage to end in two wars at same time in two diffrent alliance…

This is what we think happend
He was in he’s original ally when matchmaking started then he went to another ally to help with titan and somehow end up in both wars…

Can anyone tell us what to do now


Wow lol

That’s hilarious

Think somethin similar happened one time was posted to the forum not sure what to search for

Yep, I remember that post! Her name (believe it was a she) is in the tip of my tongue. Just been too long.

As for the fix - there isn’t one. Matching has been done. I suggest your friend pick an alliance - preferably his regular alliance for the war chest - and play.


So there’s no solution one ally must have 6 attacks left…

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Sadly, there’s nothing.

  1. For SG to fix this, they would have to do all the war matching over as removing him from one alliance would lower the war score for that alliance.
  2. Unless I misunderstand the rules, he can’t fight in both wars. If he’s not in a certain alliance when the war starts, he’ll be put into spectator mode for that alliance. So, even if he used his 6 flags in one and then jumped to the other he couldn’t use his 6 flags there.

Understood tnx Lady very much

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