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Is there an issue going on with the war matching alliance’s? The opposing alliance all has war teams 4600-4700+. My alliance has teams 4300-4600 with one member at 4700. All of our troops are way lower as well and the other alliance has level 29 & 30 troops. Of course we lost! Lol.

We are seeing an break in the matchmaking process and I think it might where people just start a new alliance or either they were a small alliance and then and then got new members and It’s matching up incorrectly till like after the players have played in the wars of that alliance for over 3 months then it matches correctly. According to your rules: Matchmaking rules for Opted in players only…
Top 30 Hero’s
Top 5 Hero’s Weighted
Top Troops
Total number of opted in total players
Wins/loses record of both alliances

Either way regardless of a new alliance or not. The game should be matching up alliances correctly. We have had 4 people leave and quit the game prior to this in our alliance because of fed up with the wars. We didn’t get a fair matchup and haven’t been according to the SG matchmaking rules… please advise. Thank you so much.

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I can say, that that ally isn’t 3 months old. :wink: Name is just different than before. So this can’t be new ally missmatch.

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Well it’s definitely a mismatch issue regardless of new alliances or not per the SG matchmaking rules @LuluA85

Might be a war cap problem as the probably newer alliance might not have a full 20 war win/loss history and thus might be matched with somewhat weaker opponents.
However, this problem is known and discussed in quite a few threads.
I hope that this will be fixed someday… :roll_eyes:

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That ally is over year old maybe even 2 year old… :wink: Missmatch for sure, but not new ally. More like not having enough allies with that many players and higher level.

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They might as well have lost 15 or 20 war’s ‘by accident’ in preparation of their new design… :grimacing:

Not saying it’s fair at all, but we can’t help who we get matched up against. We haven’t lost a war since we started Revenant, for what it’s worth.

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Lol well see what happened was…

In recent months, teams have been dropping from top 10-20 and starting over

This is just one of those teams.

That is expected behavior when restarting. Once at 30/30, things will go back to normal

Not 100% true. Better matchmaking happens at 30/30, so obtaining then retaining a full alliance helps gives more proper matches. Of course mismatches still happen bout 1 out of 6 wars if a team is winning at their capped score which requires winning better than 50% of 30/30 vs 30/30 wars and matching a team in upper bracket that is only winning 50% wars within their bracket


When top end teams drop members, they drop war brackets, allowing for easier war matches vs teams they wouldn’t have matched with in a million years. Been a flaw in the system for a long time.


He’s right. He knows everything about us. Our thoughts, intentions, pasts, present, and futures. Even when we last went to the bathroom. Why do you feel the need to troll ALL the time? Just let it be, dude. Take care of your own alliance and let us take care of ours.

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I want to thank you all for your comments, thoughts and opinions… My alliance has been experiencing this issue for 2 months now. And finally got fed up today. No disrespect to Revenant, just happened to be you guys… We can’t help who we get matched with BUT Small Giant can. And wanted to see if other alliances are experiencing it and let SG be aware… We have been an alliance for 6 months, we do merc when we pass on our Titans, so it might look like we are new alliance but we are not. We have had 4 very experienced players leave in the last 2 wars because the last 2 months in war has been brutal to say the least… I have talked with and peers with other alliances and they are feeling this is getting really bad and alliances are seeing people quit, get upset and or start a new alliance or rename and start over. We shouldn’t have to start over to win wars if under 30 members or whatever the correct big/issue is with matchmaking. Again, thank you all… and Rigs, didn’t know how aware this issue really is! Thanks for the information!!


Everyone has been tryin to get them to fix it for awhile

The only way teams can at least minimize it, is to get to 30/30 members and stay there as much as possible. It doesn’t eliminate all mismatches but it does decrease the number by a substantial amount.

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My advice to you would be to try and keep members closer to each other’s rosters, troops and defenses. Having a few really strong players can sometimes manipulate your own alliance score since their troops, heroes, etc… can boost your alli score. I think you’ll find you’ll get slightly more fair matchups that match your overall strength. Sadly, it is unlikely that SG can get rid of these big one sided matchups… Best of luck…

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Closing this topic for a couple reasons primarily as there are already pre-existing threads dedicated to war matchmaking… there are vent threads, discussion threads & request threads.

Use the :mag: function if you wish to continue your civil discussions there.


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