War mismatch 22 vs 23 players

My Alliance encountered once more an unfair war mismatch. Of course it can‘t be perfect each time.
But this time we experienced the most unfair situation so far. Because the opposing team contains of 23 players against us 22 (no one left).
And if that wouldn‘t be unfair enough each win on our side gives even less points than on the opposing side.
The computer clearly devides the total amount of points by the number of teams. But it should be the exact opposite: our wins should give us more points to make up for 6 less attacks.
That should be changed in future wars!
Thanks you.

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Unfortunately this does happen. It’s rare, but it does happen.

I agree it doesn’t usually happen and it’s never happened in the several alliances I’ve warred with over the years.

That’s why I find it curious that last war my husband’s opponent had an extra team. They are an alliance of 28 members.

This war one of my alliances has an extra team. We are 20 members. Last war, if I remember correctly, one of my alliances also had an extra team.

So, I’ve gone from never seeing it to seeing it just within my own family and alliances, three times in two wars.


If there are 1001 alliances with 22 members opted in, only 1000 can get matched against an even opponent. 1 has to fight an opponent with more or less members.


Nice theory. That is possible though. But there were instances that also that a member was excluded from a particular alliance war even if he/she has opted in for war. And some alliance wars existed where the war score between the two alliance has a significant difference. Yep. I think this is also possible since not all alliance have the same number of members and don’t have the same war score. There may be some discrepancy.

It’s a question now if the player or alliance willing to be matched with an enemy alliance with more member/s or has a better war score than a prompt informing the player or alliance that there is no other faction with the same number of members opting in and/or with near war scores between them. If such is the case, war matchmaking could never be perfected with these conditions. I wonder what would be the best metrics to have a fair match between 2 alliances.

There also can something else happen.
Its situation in my alliance in current war.

We have 1 less player because one of our weakest players didn’t build his war def team and he get removed after start.

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