War - members returning way before displayed time

It happened once to opposition team approx 1-2 months ago, where I was attacking and with 2 mins to go, everyone of the other teams war members became available to attack.

Happened against us just there, where 3.5 hours to go, we were ahead by 400 or so, with no possibility of enough of our members returning for their team to win. 2.5 hours to go, approx 8 of our members returned. Looks like it will lead to us losing the war. This is very frustrating

if all members were killed then the whole alliance will be available again

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It’s the respawning time.
Every member can respawn after a certain time.
On the field under the player name u can see the time countdown how much time will it take to be available again.
The time vary depending on how many times u “killed” that specific team.

Are you saying the timers didn’t work properly? I changed your thread to general discussion but if you are saying the timers weren’t working properly then perhaps it should change back to the bugs and issues category.

EDIT: the OP says in the title that the teams returned “way before displayed time”

I’m going to change it back to the bug category until it’s clarified.

I think all members were defeated in both cases. If this happens please close. Something I was not aware of


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