War matchups

Ok so in know a quaility matchup is not possible as i true raman number generator is not possible, i study mathmatics at university, i like statistics and think programmers need to take the course. So tell me why is it my alliance which can barely put 7 3k+ team on the battlefield has to go up against a team with 17 3k+ teams. Sure me and maybe 5 of then others have that many 3k team in our depth but the 15 others on the battlefield are 2-2.5k so they are totally overwhelmed. It supposed to be match by the one best team each can do, then fair, then its depth and participation the rules the day. You need to study your mathmatics get your head out of computer science and look at statistics, just making it work isnt good making a true as possible “roll of dice” is. If you want people happy it needs to be fair and math is fair and percise it doesnt favior anyone it cant be fooled, your math is questionable i see this to much, i look at the numbers they dont add up to often, check your algorythms, top teams are…?+ number of teams is ?+ match to teams with =#'s, if number of teams with ?+ is > ? then is bad match, i say ? Is maybe 2 because true = is hard. But of course this is huge game many many alliances so maybe not that hard. Anyways studies statistics look at your math, learn and grow…

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