War - Matchmaking with far more bigger teams

For the past 3 wars we have been matched Alliances with high war scores for some reason.

  1. 2k more war score - lost
  2. 3k more war score - lost
  3. 5250 more war score - lost

Its not fun facing 80% of the board filled with 4k teams and we have 5 teams over 4k defense. this is not right. We do our best but still its really depressing to see them reset us over and over again. Is there an explanation? - Banana from Shockers

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Were you on a strong winning run before that?

There’s a handicap system in place to increase the difficulty of you win consecutively.

We’ve just lost three and then won two, so I’m expecting the next one to be very close and if we win, to get a much harder opponent.


Thank you for the reply; We barely won the first 3 wars in a row from the current chest, but shouldnt it be sinusoidal than all or nothing. And it seems to get more and more tough than softer with the war scores as you can seen the trend.

I wont be surprised if we get a 10k higher war score, since i have read something similar here. I felt obligated to inform about this imbalance. If we dont write it down it might be considered everything is good every where.

I think the adjustment for the difficulty should be calibrated every war so it will be challenging and forgiving in the same time.


Yer, always good to share. Hopefully the tide will turn in your favour :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your wishes! have fun :slight_smile:

Indeed, but the warscore of both alliances should be similar nevertheless. It is obviously a bug. There is no such thing in matching with those differences. The difference at the matchmaking moment is +/- 99 points(based on all previous warmatchings). Not thousands.

@Petri @KiraSG something is very wrong here and you should look into this. I’ve seen dozens points difference between warscores, but thousands…

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This is ridiculous, we just lost 2 consecutive wars and now we are matched up with an opponent that has 2k higher war score than us?

RIP! how did that go?

Strangely we won 4400 to 3400. It was due to the opponent not using 40 flags. From what I can tell, the ones who attacked did have pretty deep benches. Somehow, their score was overly inflated, or they took the day off, so to speak.

I see what you mean, it has happened to us before but not any more we use all flags and we get opponents who use all flags! may be one might miss due to unexpected reasons.

Normally, we get close matches and both sides use all flags (or close to it). Though when both use all flags, it is usually the opponent who has the advantage as they usually have defense teams greater than 3500, while we still have some players around the 3000 mark.

I had the same thought until i found out the reason .
Just like quin3 showing u now

I think they made it like the Titan difficulty more you kill, the harder it gets.

If our alliance can kill a 9 star with good participation and then they give you a rare 10 star we get all pumped up with items and flask some how kill it with all we got only to find out you are stuck with a 10 star for 3 more days which we have to let it go. But it cant work the same way in war since you cant bring a merc or items to help.

This is just my observation, if SG is reading this kindly confirm and if it is true you know its not the right way. Make that sinusoidal and its calibrated every war so it will be challenging and forgiving in the same time.

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I don’t work for SG and I don’t know all the details, but yeah, I’m pretty sure it does work that way. My alliance won our last 3 in a row and each one was progressively harder. This time we have an opponent where basically half of their team is stronger than our strongest player. I’m pretty sure we’re going to get our butts kicked very badly. But we’ll still give it our best. One loss out of four won’t kill us. :smile:

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I’m sure someone has stats on this but I think I read that a win ratio of 50% - 60% for the average, full/almost full alliance is pretty standard.

We keep a spreadsheet and that’s certainly been true for us. We’ve never had more than three wins in a row before being pushed back by a much stronger alliance.

If we’ve had a win, we expect that we may get a loss the next war. The only thing we can “control” is to use all our flags, and that has often given us a victory when we were sure it would be a loss.

I know it’s frustrating for some players that the game is “rigged” in this way, but I think the comparison to the titans is somewhat accurate. Easy one, difficult one, etc.

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What we’ve noticed in our alliance is the difference in troop levels, in the last 3 wars our teams have been totally outclassed by our opponents troops, our average is level 11-13 troops, but our opponents had an average of 18-20 with 3 over 20+
Do troops count in matchmaking?

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They do, but I think it’s a very small difference. I’m still trying to figure out how my alliance is going to beat our next opponent when they have something like 5 teams over 4k and our highest team is around 3850. The level of their troops is the least of my concerns right now.

Sorry but troops matter as well imo, I can be equal in hero strength but if their troops are on 20+ and mine are on 11 then it makes it a much harder fight for me
And any unbalance isn’t right imo

There was information on how past performance influences war score in Active Players Lounge about a year ago. I found it very interesting. I don’t know if it’s still this way, but was in October 2018. See below (didn’t do link as it’s in APL and not all have access).

So here’s how it works:

  • We have a counter that we increment if your alliance wins and decrement if it loses
  • When we calculate the final war score (used for matchmaking), we multiply the “raw” war score by a number determined by this counter.
  • These are not the actual numbers, but let’s say you’ve won five wars and lost two. Your counter is now three, and your score could be multiplied by 1+3*0.02 = 1.06.
  • At the moment, the counter can not be higher than 10 or lower than -10, but this is subject to change.

Sure, troops matter, but if you’re suggesting that teams should only ever be paired against teams with equal TP… you should see the whoppers that my alliance is regularly paired against. We are regularly faced against teams with 200+ average higher TP and 5-10+ higher average player level. I can’t recall the last time we had an opponent that was somewhat equal to ours (we did have one opponent that was relatively close in level and TP to ours, but that was several months ago).

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