War matchmaking with a bug

I am at an alliance who I am the only participant at wars. Till now I had opponents with one team. This war was different. I had as opponent an alliance with two members. Weaker than me but with double flags. How I am supposed to win this war?

It’s not common, but it’s technically possible to be matched with an alliance with a different number if members in War.

With larger alliances that can end up working out ok, but I imagine with a one-person alliance it’s pretty rough to try to win a War.

I think it’s worth contacting Support about that, and seeing what they have to say.

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Perhaps there was an odd number of solo alliances and you drew the short straw.

(The matchmaking probably has a really hard time figuring out a reasonable selection for one person vs. two people in that situation, as it surely wasn’t tuned for cases like that.)


If anyone was confused about how there was a 1500 point hit it is because the points are evenly distributed just saying because I was for a couple of seconds before I realized


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