War Matchmaking Timer - How Long?

Hello, one of our alliance member will plan opt-out the war, but there are no macthmaking timer or it is so short?
Please let me know, how long is war matchmaking timer?

Is there no timer, because of this raid tournament come? Bugs or something?
I hope there is an option to opt-out war right after the war ended. So our alliance members will have time to opt-in/out next war.

Thank You

There is no matchmaking timer because it varies depending on your alliance.
Matching phase begins at the same time for everyone (10am UTC Tuesdays, 6pm UTC fridays), but the stronger your alliance is, the quicker the matching phase will end and prep phase begins. Matching phase ranges from 5-10 minutes for the strongest alliances, to around 4 hours longer for the weakest.

Sorry if I have misunderstood your question.


Well that so fast…
If our alliance member plan to opt-out war, thats very short time, I don’t understand it is so difficult only 5-10 minute time… :sweat_smile:

Our alliance got a matchmaking time of 13hrs this time. So, I don’t think there was any bug due to raid tournament. :slight_smile:

If someone wants to opt out, then this is the relevant time constraint:

The check-box should be clear before these hours.

Opting out can take place any time before matchmaking. I advice people to do it as soon as they realise they are too busy for the next war.

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Yes, the opt-out box is available at all times. If unchecked during an active war window, it will keep them in for that war and remove them for the next.

@MantisToboggan, @Kerridoc, @DBC.
So that before matchmaking begin, we can opt-out ?
Or only in during matchmaking we can opt-out?

always opt out before matchmaking starts


OK, I will pay attention after war end. Thank you all of you.