War matchmaking strikes again

Sometimes it is fun. Jaqen and I had a few 2 vs 2 wars where we tested stuff. We ran near identical defenses with just one change. The Ursena/Kunch tank healing war was great. An opponent used their first flag to clean a defense that had only a half health Kunch remaining. Their first flag. They failed. :joy: Was online when it began and after a few minutes felt they might time out. :smiling_imp: That player either rage quit holding 5 flags or were kicked immediately after.

Are you building you alliance or staying with only 2 players? I’m in a small alliance and looking to merge with a solid team. We have 15 players.

We are both down to zero players.

If you have nothing better to do. Get a life. Don’t tag me in your conversation

They are 26 and we are 25, which is 6 times more than us, it seems that SG wants us to lose this war on purpose.:angry::angry::angry::angry:

26/25 = 6

Math checks out everyone!


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: You beat me to it. They’ll never have enough time to use their 936 flags!

I sympathize with the OP though. It is pretty unfair.


What’s the power difference? I heard it’s possible if bot cannot find team similar to you in power, it just throw one with one less/one more person than yours, but stronger/weakier overall.

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Did you have a new member that joined before matchmaking but didn’t set a defense before war started? That will cause that member to be removed from the battlefield and you will be one less war team than the opposing alliance.

i found this out recently because this happened to my alliance during a recent war. just a possibility, though i have heard that if the war scores are similar, you can still be matched with an alliance with one more warring member.

This can happen when alliance is not 30/30. Good luck!

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This happes sometimes


They have more flags and each of your teams are worth more points (as an average). So double penalty.


Oh God of thunder @Thor01 where is thy proof

I was going to say the same thing. I rather face an alliance that have more players. Each kill is worth more points.

Seems like there’s some misconceptions about matchmaking recently. And seeing it’s topical because we had our second mismatch…

For those with the tenacity to read through one of my waffles…

In summary, being numerically disadvantaged doesn’t necessarily mean a loss. Look deeper to evaluate your own situation.